Hello, my name is Cheney.


Nope, no mistake there. That’s really my name.

Yes, my first name.

I’m a single mom, writer, and designer living on the Connecticut shore, and I’ve been making bad choices for myself since before this Dick ruined my name.

After years of slinging pancakes and living paycheck to paycheck, it finally occurred to me in one of the dark hours of 2016 that I should try to make a living with the things I love doing just for fun. What I consider my creative hobbies, others consider valuable skills, so it’s time to work them.

We are at a time in history when jobs are being quickly replaced with automation and robots, and the divide between income equality grows by the day. We can no longer depend on having a job (or two) to meet our needs for the future. It’s time to take our economic destinies into our own hands by reducing our reliance on employers and instead, use our gifts to sustain us.

I’m learning as I go, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and skills with others here on this blog. I’m going to learn and then teach you how to start your own website to showcase your art, writing, and skills, and start making a living doing the things that you love.

This is Fine is my journey, my company, and my motto.

Read on: let’s ditch our bosses and day jobs, and let’s make our lives suck a little less.